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Program Overview

Our Treatment Philosophy

YouthSpring utilizes a focus on total wellness as an avenue for change. Our structured program incorporates Core groups and Elective groups designed to focus on all aspects of our youth. Our groups are designed to assist our youth in changing from within in an effort to change the things around them. The culture of our agency encourages our youth to create their own unique experience while on their journey with their YouthSpring family. Our staff will assist our youth in changing unhelpful and inaccurate thoughts in an effort to promote better decision making and outcomes for their lives.

Admissions Process

Our referral process makes it simple and easy to refer a child or adolescent to our Program. Click here to Make a Referral.

PRTF Entrance Criteria for services

  • DSM-V diagnosis
  • Experiencing emotional or behavioral problems in all settings, requiring a highly structured environment
  • Demonstrates a capacity to respond favorably to rehabilitative counseling and training
  • History of hospitalizations or recent inpatient stay with poor treatment adherence
  • Less restrictive or intense treatments have been tried and were unsuccessful or inappropriate to meet the individual’s needs
  • The family situation and functioning levels are such that the beneficiary cannot currently remain in the home environment and receive community-based treatment.

Individuals & Families

Family Advocates



PRTF Program

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